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Since arriving back home from our stay in Salcombe I’ve been laid up in bed with a virus. This has given me time to reflect and to trawl through old notes and sketchbooks… and so it was while I was doing this, that I stumbled across something that I conceived of in 1997. Back then I used to paint backdrops for clubs in Brighton, and my sketchbooks were full of colourful and playful images.

Perhaps it’s just the virus that’s making me think this is a good idea, but through my delirium it struck me as something fun and worth publishing now.  So for better or worse, here it is:


“Journeys” – a Flo Snook Production

The design for a club night. With visual ideas from my 1997+ sketchbook.



Painted scenery: calm British countryside with hills, woodland, animals, birds.

Music: building slowly up from British bird song and progressing into chunky trip hop.




Music: Just as the trip hop has built to a level, phase out the beat and then as the treble builds, a huge fat BASE kicks in with a Jungle rhythm.

Painted scenery: At the point the base kicks in, the lights turn red and a cactus landscape appears with 3D cactus wheeled onto the dance floor to dance around.




Scenery: stays the same, but as the drum and base builds up to a height, a massive spaceship descends from the ceiling with flashing lights and dry ice. And a number of people in UV alien suit costumes come in and dance in the crowd on stilts, with ray guns.




The madness quietens down, the aliens and spaceship disappear leaving gifts and the lights go blue.

The scenery changes to a mellow seaside and the music chills right down until all you can hear are seagulls and the waves breaking on the shore.


Well I hope it made you laugh as much as I did?! But wouldn’t it be fun? :)

Shortly after writing “Journeys”  in 1997 I met the man of my dreams and had twins. After that, all I wanted was calm soothing dreamy colours and just the quiet sounds of bird song and gentle crashing waves!


If you are wondering where the Flo Snook has gone that you are used to, you can find me here.


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