Back in Salcombe


It’s so good to be back! IMG_0147It must be something about the Devon sea air that has restored me too – my health is holding up and I’ve been able to do some lovely walks and catch up with Salcombe friends.

We arrived on Good Friday in the beautiful sunshine so we made the most of that and spent the afternoon out. We started off in Splat Cove where it was very low tide, then got on the sea tractor at south sands and took the ferry into town, then wandered back along the Cliff Road.

Everywhere I looked I recognised the views that I’d spent a lot of time drawing. This gave me the feeling that I’d climbed inside the landscape and become a part of it, so it felt a bit like a home-coming.

I had a chat with Pete who runs the sea tractor at South Sands who seemed very pleased that I’d created work of something so obviously close to his heart. He offered to put a little promotional card in the window for me so that holiday makers can find my work at Gallery5 in Salcombe. Then I met his boss Tim, who recognised my work immediately because he received 2 canvases of mine for Christmas – one of the sea tractor and old lifeboat house at South Sands, and one of the South Sands ferry!South sands ferry 20x20

As I bumped into local people, it got me thinking about how we develop connections with each other and the landscape we live in. It’s all about connection for me. It’s something that makes me feel so ‘right'; to feel like I have a connection to people and places.

I’m not the sort of person who can just go away on holiday without building some kind of relationship with the people there and the landscape they live and work in. I like to feel like I have roots wherever I go.

Today we’ve been visiting all the galleries in the area. I’ve taken new work to the Brownston gallery in Modbury, and talked to galleries in Totnes and one near Kingsbridge. I’ve also popped up to Overbeck’s to see what became of the canvas I donated to them last year.

I’ve also been taking lots of new photos with the aim of creating new work later this year. I can’t resist a pontoon with a load of boats tied up there – I’m hooked!IMG_0264

Storm Katie was an interesting experience. Luckily the cottage we’re┬ástaying in is nestled in the headland, sheltered from the south-westerly winds, but as we went to bed we could hear the wind literally roaring through the trees and the waves crashing on the rocks below. Mother nature seemed angry! I bumped into Matt from the RNLI afterwards and he told me that thankfully they weren’t called out in that!

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