13339508_10153968389996622_6518527959015211870_nMy style is evolving. I like it when it happens so naturally, without even realising. I noticed that with my new pieces of work I was putting together for my new exhibition in Laughing Dog gallery (in Brighton Marina – for the month of June) that I was using more colour than I’ve used for years.


I still do like a bit of a monochrome palette but when I was working over the past few weeks, I kept realising I was choosing delicious colours like indigo blue, lime green, or sage green, instead of the pale blues, greys and colourless neutrals I usually go for.13327401_10153965940921622_350380992073185258_n


Perhaps it’s because of the riot of Spring colours happening out my window; the beech trees coming into leaf with that particularly fresh kind of green you only get in May? Or the indigo blue skies I notice just after dusk when down by the sea? Whatever it is, I like it. A lot.

Another change is that for this exhibition I’ve been working mainly on a format of larger mounts and then framing them in black frames. This makes for a very graphic looking presentation; the impact of the black and white images with the coloured backgrounds. It also gives each image a wonderful feeling of space around it too.

If you are in the area of Brighton then do come and see the work. Here is a link to their website. They have informed me that they will put my work onto their website, so that if you can’t make it to their gallery then you can still view and buy online.

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