How to stay creative

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It’s not easy staying in the creative zone. Everyone has their creative blocks or limitations that prevent them from building on their creativity, whether it’s lack of time or money, or energy, or all of those at once. For me it’s that life has dealt me some difficult cards in my health. I have diagnoses of Fibromyalgia and Migraine among other things which gives me some serious barriers to my creativity. Fortunately I’ve learned some helpful attitudes and techniques over the years which help me continue to keep creative everyday.


1. I moved my studio into a space at home. I no longer had the energy to 059615e26c063754a0b8e5e4c9562e75work in a studio outside my home; by the time I’d got there, I was exhausted and unproductive. Now I can cut out exhausting activities like getting dressed and travelling somewhere; I can get out of bed, work in my pyjamas underneath my bright orange overalls, and therefore make the most of the limited energy I do have by spending it only on working in my studio.


2. I learned to pace myself. I have a daybed in my studio which I covered in lovely natural fabric with a red stripe. I paint for an hour, then rest on my daybed, then paint some more. It gives me time to weigh up my painting’s progress in between burst of energy and make creative decisions. If I do this with patience, then I can get more done in a day than if I worked as long as I could with no breaks.


3. I learned to diversify what I do. I have big projects (such as my large paintings) and I have small ones which require hand embroidery (like my small textile canvases) and even smaller ones like making coin purses and lavender pillows for my Etsy shop. This way, I always have something I can create to suit the amount of energy I have that day.


I have a friend with M.E. with very limited amounts of energy, and she has focused her creativity onto knitting, which has been the best solution for her. She can be creative while laying in bed; she’ll knit a few rows, then have a dose, then wake up again and carry on knitting. She’s made some very impressive socks and scarfs this way.  44618642_2005708169486534_5456914691559260160_n


Pinterest is full of many useful and inspiring ideas on how to make things on the cheap, if money is your limiting factor. If you are mainly lacking in time, you could focus your creativity on an activity which you can pick up and put down easily, such as knitting, doodling in a small sketchbook daily, or taking photos during the week and using them on the weekend to create something small, like a greeting card.


I believe everyone is creative, it’s just that we forget how to be as life goes on. If we give ourselves just a little bit of time to think about how we could bring more creativity into our lives we could be happier people. 47575714_2066377803419570_1695578600842985472_n


I’ve just updated my Pinterest boards so you can follow me here and browse my artwork here. You might also be interested at my boards called MAKE and FESTIVE for creative ideas and seasonal inspiration. Or if you like creative gardening you might like to browse through my boards called DIY POTS and TERRARIUMS. If embroidery or patchwork is your passion then take a look at my board called TEXTILES AND STITCHING. Happy creating!




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