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Hello again. I know it’s been a while since I wrote anything here, so I thought I’d update you with what I’ve been up to.

As you might already know from my news page, I’ve been having building work done in our house over the past few months. This meant that my studio was full of boxes from floor to ceiling and I couldn’t get any work done for a time, and so instead, all my creativity went into creating a new interior for our home.

W-NIGt4gI like the way that new creative challenges always seem to feed into my other creative work, so I thought I’d share with you my current creative process.

For interior decorating inspiration, I turned to Pinterest and Instagram for ideas. It was there that I discovered some great interior bloggers, such at Lisa Dawson, Rebecca (Malmo and Moss), and Reena (@hygge_for_home), and how I discovered the great interior designers and influencers such as Abigail Ahern (pictured) and Sophie Robinson. I absolutely loved the dark romantic style of Abigail Ahern’s home, almost theatrical in scale and drama. I loved the can-do attitude of Lisa Dawson as I followed her progress on her own revamp project, even sanding the floor herself. I was inspired by how Reena managed to keep posting such amazing images of her home with such style, despite having three young children to look after. I loved watching Sophie Robinson set up a photo shoot in her own home and learned a lot about colour and styling.

21106730_10155224466281622_2908073385694526739_nReading their posts, gave me confidence in my own design decisions for our own home, and I realised that I could apply the same confidence I have about my artwork, to a room. So that’s what I did.

I love a neutral palette, but for me, in order to not become to wishy-washy, they need to be balanced with very intense areas of dark tones, and a few pops of colour. A bit like my artwork really. It’s all about creating a space that is calm and easy on the eye, but at the same time, gives your eye some surprises to feast upon, and details to keep it interested.

The kind of details I love, are objects that have some sentimental value to us, or that contain some kind of story. For example, my husband and I went and spent a romantic weekend away in the old town part of Hastings this summer, and while we were there we found a number of things we loved and brought home with us: a beautiful hand woven rug for the living room floor, a beautiful prayer plant (pictured below), a cushion and some fabrics to make other cushion covers. We were tempted to buy an old letter ‘E’ that had once been part of a sign, but decided against it in the end.

22089258_1563985990325423_4818532900152569776_nLater on my husband found the letter ‘S’ in a flea market near Southampton while he was taking a break at work, which was perfect because it’s the first letter of our family name, so this is how the S came to live on our living room wall. I love the way it really ‘pops’ against the dark dark green wall (Studio Green by Farrow and Ball).

The picture poster of The Moon which is framed on the same wall, has a story of it’s own too. My late father-in-law was a rather obsessive collector of National Geographic magazines, and he had the entire collection filed away, from the very first issue. After he died, unfortunately, not realising their value, they were given away before my husband had a chance to look through them, so he was perhaps already keeping an eye out for them subconsciously when he saw a big pile of them being thrown out and stacked up by some bins in the street one day. So he claimed them immediately. 21768470_1563985993658756_4628809763584523655_nWhile I was unpacking the magazines into our new house, I was leafing through them and came across this picture of the moon, dated 1969. I immediately realised the significance: the whole world was focussed on the moon that year because it was the year that we finally landed on it. It was amazing that this poster had survived so intact for the past 48 years and here I was, holding a bit of history in my hands!

So, our house has gradually been curated into an entirely new space, and I have loved every minute of it. It’s been a very organic process, but while using a set of design criteria that my husband and I both agree on, and have collaborated on.

22405940_1578156975574991_6498442902340970920_nAnd this interior design process has fed back into my artwork. Perhaps it’s the influence of Abigail Ahern’s dark interiors or Cowboy Kate’s Instagram posts of her own dark moody own home, but I decided to try doing a night-time canvas of the Harbourmaster’s boat tied up at the jetty in Salcombe, using some sumptuously dark midnight-blue linen. And the feedback I got through social media was overwhelmingly positive, so I think I’m going in the right direction.

So if you’d like to see more of the ideas behind my work, then do follow me on Instagram, where I give regular updates into my creative process. And get the latest pictures of my new work also on my Facebook page

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