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29542932_1742418305815523_3650573340811282404_nApril 2018:

My Etsy Shop is now open! Please follow the link here.

I am selling a range of limited edition postcard prints of the Seven Sisters (pictured), Brighton pier, and Derek Jarman’s fishing cottage at Dungeness, as well as limited edition screen prints, cushions and other accessories.







19260580_1467993683257988_768537208035437747_nMarch 2018:

This month I took a new body of work to Salcombe. You can now see it on the walls of Bo’s Beach Cafe (inside the old lifeboat house in South Sands) and in Gallery5 in Island Street in Salcombe town.

I also sold another batch of my postcards of the Sea Tractor at South Sands to Pete, the Sea Tractor driver, and they are now available again for £1 each actually on the Sea Tractor.

I also created a range of new cushions and prints to be posted in my Etsy shop in April. These will be available only from my shop.



28685365_1718044071586280_3905178032317555305_nFebruary 2018:

I’ve been making new stock to take to Salcombe for the beginning of the holiday season. I will be exhibiting my textile canvases in Gallery5, and my mounted work in Bo’s Beach House Cafe (in the old lifeboat house at South Sands) from the end of March.


The new Etsy shop is taking shape and I’ve been discussing an launch of my shop in April on Instagram using the hashtag #howivintage with a promotion. One of my new cushions will be offered as part of a competition, so do follow me on Instagram if you would like to be in with a chance of winning.



26804967_1674173309306690_524456739049433991_nJanuary 2018:

I spent the beginning of the year with new goals in mind. I began working on setting up a new Etsy shop, in which I will be selling all the work and accessories that I make, that don’t currently fit into any particular gallery or shop. These will include mounted artwork, textile canvases, cushions, lavender pillows, needle cases and purses.






25552100_1647142888676399_3486000601827680199_nDecember 2017:

I completed a commission piece of the Southover Grange in Lewes for private clients, who’d been married in that building and wanted something special to remember it by. The brief was very specific, including the colour embroidered in the ground floor window, and they were very happy with the result.

I also travelled to Salcombe to restock Gallery5 with my new work.






23722689_1616129835111038_7310301572614837764_nNovember 2017:

I’ve been working on a commissioned piece featuring the detailed and complicated building in Lewes called The Southover Grange.

The new canvases I created for Gallery5 in Salcombe were now framed ready to take to Devon for the Christmas season and my studio is full.

My latest blog is about how I designed my studio into a multifunctional space that transforms into a guest room.




22405940_1578156975574991_6498442902340970920_nOctober 2017:

This month has mostly been about making new stock to take to Gallery5 in Salcombe. I’ve experimented with new colours and this new canvas received a lot of attention on social media on Facebook and Instagram.

My new blog about how my artwork is being inspired by interiors was well received and I continue to post pictures of my newly renovated home and studio on Instagram.






September 2017:21761974_1553511164706239_3549903821731506857_n

My work is currently being featured in this issue of Classic Sailor magazine where I am ‘Artist of the Month”.

I have now sold out of the mounted work in Bo’s Beach cafe on South Sands in Salcombe, so I’ll be making some new work to sell there for next season. This was a successful new venture. You can find my Salcombe canvases in Gallery5 on Island Street in Salcombe.





20638259_10155173579416622_4372168225442378930_nJuly-August 2017:

We’ve been having building work going on at home, and this has meant that my studio has been full of boxes and dislocated furniture. So my creativity has been channeled elsewhere. I’ve been posting on Instagram about the steady progress with new decor and interior design, along with some sketchbook pics, so do check it out.

You can still see my latest work at Laughing Dog gallery in Brighton Marina, in Gallery5 on Island Street in Salcombe, in Fisher Street frames (in the browser) and at the Northcote gallery in London.




Junnamedune 2017:

This month I am exhibiting at the Laughing Dog gallery in Brighton Marina. I have a pair of trees prints in black frames in the exhibition along with a canvas of the view of the Seven Sisters and some smaller pieces of local views such as Brighton pier and fishing boats.

I am now developing some new work for the Northcote Gallery in Battersea.

And you can also find my postcards for sale on the South Sands ferry and Sea Tractor in Salcombe, Devon, so do look out for them if you are visiting.




18527530_10154898372611622_2394478154559982212_nMay 2017:

The month of May has mostly been about the Snowcats! I am taking part in a charity auction to raise money for a local cat charity and I, along with around 25 other artists were all given a ‘Snowcat’ to decorate with our artwork. I decided to use it as a novel shaped canvas, and to paint my drawings onto. I painted Brighton Pier on the front, and the old West Pier on the back, with my signature painted in red up the side. The Snowcats have been exhibited in people’s houses around the hanover Artists Open House trail as part of the Brighton Festival. At the beginning of June it will be on display at the Laughing Dog gallery in Brighton Marina. The auction will be at 6.30 on 20th June at the Dover & Castle in Hanover. Or if you can’t attend that, you can send your highest bid to this email address:



18342684_1427835273940496_4532000598421186552_nApril 2017:

In April I have been focussing on creating new work for a lovely little shop in Lewes called Fisher Street Frames. As the name suggests, it is a framing shop in Fisher Street, but it also sells lovely artworks and some really cool industrial lighting. My work can now be found in the browser there and so if you find a piece you like, you are in the best place for getting it framed up in the style you like the most!





17203036_1364085516982139_921490418509229914_nMarch 2017:

This month I’ve been down in Devon to visit the galleries there. There’s a gallery in Salcombe called Gallery5 on Island Street which is now the only venue to stock my work in that area, so they now have exclusive stock to show this coming season. You’ll find my canvases there of Salcombe views. One of my larger pieces, a print of the view through the trees at Sharpitor sold within a couple of hours of arriving at the gallery, so I will be making more prints with this theme in future. I also met with Peter, the Sea Tractor operator, and gave him my new postcards of the Sea Tractor and South Sands Ferry, and these will be for sale exclusively on the tractor and ferry in the coming season. Please see my blog for further details.




unnamed-3February 2017:

I’ve been working on some local landscapes of Lewes and surrounding countryside, which I will be selling through a local Lewes framers/gallery. The images are now being printed ready for making into mounted textile pieces. My new Salcombe canvases are now at the framers. See my blog ‘New work for 2017′ for other creative updates.







January 2017:

I’m now working towards restocking Gallery5 in Salcombe, Devon, with new work for the new season ahead. And I’m looking forward to a show this year (yet to be announced) where I will be showing my brand new work about Cornwall, Lewes and Devon’s coastlines, rivers and estuaries.





15589594_10154477203971622_5052056022604967006_nDecember 2016:

Continuing with the trees theme, I made batches of lavender pillows and sold them through social media for Xmas gifts. I also had a studio sale (advertised through my Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram) and sold directly to my customers.

Sales have been good all year from Gallery5 (Island Street) in Salcombe in Devon, and I have had a successful ongoing exhibition in Laughing Dog gallery in Brighton Marina.




Autumn 2016:13669789_10154093360026622_4044240899020319338_n

I focused on producing mounted prints of the Trees that I love. These are screen printed onto quality linens and cottons, in various natural colours. Each print is numbered and are limited to 25 each. They are available from the Laughing Dog gallery in Brighton Marina.






July 2016:

13438839_1123714327685927_7003197992103032256_nI took part in the Big Heart Auction to raise money for Chestnut Tree House, a charity that cares for children with life limiting conditions and diseases. I donated one of my favourite canvases of the coastguard cottages at Cuckmere Haven, with stunning views of the white cliffs called ‘The Seven Sisters’. The gala evening event was fun; we got to see the artist ‘Cassette Lord’ in action creating one of his canvases, and we heard from sponsors from Green People, and enjoyed a free bar. I’m glad my canvas received lots of bids, and most pleased that it was my cousin who ended up winning the canvas!





June 2016:13557954_1118929728164387_375230118869553286_n

I was the featured artist exhibiting at Laughing Dog gallery at Brighton Marina for the month of June. The gallery retained some of my work to continue exhibiting there.








13339508_10153968389996622_6518527959015211870_nMay 2016:

During May I was creating new work for my exhibition in the Laughing Dog gallery in Brighton Marina. I started working on a new format of mounts, and framed in black frames.







ccbe9dcd-a908-4369-8a8d-17975970364fApril 2016:

In this month I completed the Worthing Dome commission (here’s a photo of the detail) and continued dialogue with a gallery in Totnes about what sort of images would work in their gallery. I’ve also lined up exhibition space for June in a gallery called ‘Laughing Dog’ in Brighton Marina.






12928292_1065725153484845_3372931598086906280_nMarch 2016:

I’ve been focussing on completing a new collection of canvases which I took to Gallery5 in Salcombe (in South Devon) on Island Street where they are now on sale. It’s a lovely gallery and well worth checking out if you find yourself in South Devon this summer.






CcEU2DsW4AI33aXFebruary 2016:

I’m still catching up with my commissions since moving house and studio. Since Christmas I’ve been focussing on drawings of the Dome Cinema building on Worthing seafront and views of Praa Sands in Cornwall for two different commissions.





December 2015:12301472_989861014404593_4666505426752281022_n

I’ve been making cushions and another commission of views through the trees of the Salcombe estuary-mouth in south Devon. I’ve also been making a batch of lavender pillows for a local shop to sell over Christmas with scenes of Brighton Pier and other seaside views.




P1030426November 2015: 

Since moving house and studio I’ve been catching up with commissions. I’ve just finished a piece of a beautiful view through the trees to the sea for a client who has a house in Salcombe. I’ve also creating another similar view but the canvas is landscape, with the headland in the background. I’ve also created cushions with the same view.







August 2015

I’ve just completed a large ‘triptych’ P1020960commission for a client who has a beautiful penthouse apartment in Salcombe. The triptych features the views up and down the estuary, and a view of the house itself as seen from the opposite side of the estuary. Here is a picture of just one of the three images.


I also had a very successful exhibition at the Guildford Arts festival, and also received two new commissions from this event.





June 2015

unnamed-1This month my work is featured in World Of Interiors magazine on page 219.

I’m also now signed up to Yellow House Art Licensing, who will license my drawings and images for use in a range of other mediums such as ceramics, accessories, cushions, greeting cards, prints etc.








This month I took on a commission that I’d not attempted before; CCoWBsGWgAEq3eTI transferred one of my drawings of the West Pier onto a 6m wide exterior wall for a private client. This was an enjoyable process: I had to create a new drawing to modify the original image slightly to fit the space; it’s viewed from both the kitchen and dining windows, so I needed to make sure that both sides have a good view!

Then I gathered my fabrics together to help me decide on what colours I was going to paint the background.

I used the best quality masonry paints (guaranteed for 15 years) to create a background directly onto the wall. Then painted the black silhouette image of the West Pier on top, and added the white to bring out the solidity of the concert hallP1020663 roof and the small hut on the end of the pier that was spared during the fire.

I was really lucky that the weather stayed dry and warm and that I had no delays in painting it. I went really well in fact, and I’m hoping that I get to create another one some day!





March-April 2015 SILENT AUCTION:

Bidding has closed on the silent auction I was conducting in order to raise some money for the charity ‘Parkinson’s UK’. If you’ve read my blog you’ll know that I lost my father last year to Parkinson’s disease. I was delighted that people took part and helped me to give something back to the charity that helped my family so much; we raised a total of £245.

1BP auction2DJ auction3WP auction

These were the 3 paintings in the auction. They can still be viewed in person upstairs in Infinity Foods Kitchen, a cafe at 50 Gardener Street in Brighton, UK until April 30th. Or you can take a closer look at them on my portfolio page here.

The terms and conditions:

-The minimum bid for each painting is £25.
-To find out the current bid and to make a new bid, please contact me, or follow me on twitter or visit my Facebook page. I’ll keep updating as the bids come in.
-Bidding ends on Sunday 12th April at 8pm I’ll be announcing the winners soon after 8pm. I will make arrangements for the paintings to be picked up.
-Any postal deliveries (UK or beyond) will need to be paid for by the winner.
-Payments will be made to me by 30th April or on the day of collection/posting (whichever is sooner) and I will donate 100% of total winning bids to Parkinson’s UK. I will post confirmation/proof of this total donation on twitter and Facebook.
-Each painting is 40x40cm and framed in a white tray-frame.
-You can view the paintings in person in Infinity Foods cafe (upstairs): 50 Gardener Street in Brighton from Monday 9th Feb – Sunday 12th April.
-These paintings have been priced at £285-325 in various galleries (last exhibited in December 2014).
-Do contact me with any queries or questions.

Please acknowledge that by taking part in this charity auction, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as set out above.




11018800_10205777948475414_97004846932239204_nI hired a stand at the international Parallax art fair on the Kings Road in London, and my work was well received.

I then exhibited at the Northcote Gallery on the Kings Road, Chelsea for 3 weeks.










In 2014 my focus has been on creating a new body of work based on my stay in Salcombe in South Devon, where I had a small residency. South sands ferry 20x20I am now exhibiting my work in the Brownston Gallery in Modbury and in Gallery5 on Island Street in Salcombe. I developed links with various charities in Salcombe, and donated a canvas to the RNLI and to Overbeck’s National Trust house (for the youth charity) to raise money.

It was good to show the new Salcombe work at the Brighton Art Fair in September as well as my other new work featuring the white cliffs at the Seven Sisters country park and Beachy Head.




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