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I’m very excited to let you know about my creative development that’s been happening in my studio over the past couple of months. I often feel like I have a backlog of images in my head that I want to create, which often takes months, even years to manifest in real life. But patience pays off!


Back in 2011 I created several paintings of my drawings, which I felt were successful, but I didn’t have the time or space in my studio then to develop the idea and take them any further. Back then, I painted the coloured backgrounds and then screen-printed the drawing on top (as you can see from my portfolio).



I have had the idea brewing in my minds eye to take them a whole step further, by simply creating them on a much larger scale. I wanted to create the paintings using my restrictive colour palette, and with the whole image painted by my hand.


This took a while to research; I needed to find the best kind of paints that I could use in quantity, in a colour range that suited my monochrome style, and I eventually settled on Fusion paints from Franklin’s in Portslade, Brighton. I decided against using canvases this time, and instead researched the best weight and thickness of plywood.


42966958_1977635602293791_7069177919066603520_nAnd so now my studio is filling up with large scale paintings, and I must say, it has been a very interesting process. The image is the same obviously, but the medium and scale having changed so much gives me a very different experience. They are all consuming. The speak very loudly due to their scale.



I have also found, interestingly, that on social media people seem to respond differently. 43103395_1979761555414529_2428808717467123712_nPerhaps it’s because it is paint, and people generally ‘understand’ paint. Painting seems to be above textiles and printing in some sort of unspoken hierarchy. Perhaps there is still an association between textiles and ‘women’s work’? Change the scale and the medium and suddenly you feel you are being understood and taken more seriously as an artist.


I do feel very satisfied that I can so effortlessly cross different media with my drawings. And I have plans to take a drawing sabbatical at some point next year, and who knows where that might lead?43049712_10156177859026622_6985640010590453760_n


Do follow my progress on my Instagram where I update my stories with my creative process. You can find me here.


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