Since coming back from my fabulous week in Salcombe I’ve unfortunately been stuck in bed with a virus and a flare up of the Fibromyalgia. However, I’ve managed to keep myself entertained by looking back at my old work and the progress of my unique style.

11034305_863462830377746_1644943098459846239_nBack in 2003 I had finally got back into the studio after my twins started school and was designing cushion covers for a shop called Kume in Brighton’s Bond Street. It was the first time I’d used the muted palette of natural linens inspired by the colours of our nearest beach, and marked a distinct change away from the vibrant colours I’d been using before. There was something about the misty blues and earthy neutrals that felt so right, and continues to do so today.

The first canvas that I sold was through an interiors shop called Vanilla in Ship Street, Brighton. It was a simple hand sewn and appliqued piece of the seafront lights 65 x 40cm.

As time went on I became aware that I couldn’t continue to hand stitch every detail, because I was getting joint pain in my shoulder and elbow, so I began to screen print the main image and hand sew details on top. 1606866_863462643711098_1920092419333129044_nIn 2004 I particularly enjoyed focussing on images of the West Pier as it became more and more skeletal after each fire. A few of the canvases I created of this were large – 180 x 70cm and were all sold through Vanilla. Occasionally someone will tell me that they visited someone in Brighton with one of my large West Pier canvas in their living room – it’s good to know that my work is still on the walls and much loved!

11012611_863462727044423_7653681354428307961_nIt was around this time that I was going through my old sketchbooks from the time when I was doing A level Art, and creating new work from the drawings I found of old people sitting in deckchairs on Worthing seafront. I still love this image and I have the very first print of this behind glass.

It’s nice to look back and honour the creative journey I’ve been on. Every step has led me to where I am today, and I plan to continue developing my work of the British coastline and improving my skills along the way. As usual I have far more ideas and images I want to develop than I have energy for, but I’ll keep on going and step by step I’ll get there. For more images of my work, check out my Facebook page photos here.


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