As you’ll know from my previous blog, we went to Salcombe in March to bring my new body of work to Bo’s Beach Cafe and Gallery5 . We stayed in the loveliest little cottage with the most stunning views of the Salcombe estuary, and from this lovely window seat I was able to sketch the view.


29512654_1739034156153938_7584788465369591329_nI enjoyed capturing the birdlife as they went about their very important business of finding a mate ready for the breeding season. I watched Herring Gulls pair up, and Pigeons flocking together and then pairing off one by one, all on the roof-tops below my window by the water.


So I thought I’d show you a peek at some of my sketches, as it’s something I don’t normally reveal to people, as it’s more of a personal journal, and something I do just for fun. It was so lovely to have the opportunity to sit inside the warm and still be able to sketch, 29511865_1739034166153937_1448019856068806913_nbecause with my health issues, it’s something that I rarely am able to do outside these days.


Since I’ve returned, I have finally opened my Etsy shop, which I have started listing all sorts of things that I don’t fit into any gallery or shop for whatever reason. It’s so lovely to be able to deal with customers directly at last. If you would like to take a look, then do follow the link here.



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