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23659337_10155438569721622_989152824306459069_nHOW I CHANGED MY STUDIO INTO A MULTIFUNCTIONAL SPACE

Now that the rest of the house is finally coming together, I’ve been able to empty my studio of boxes and reclaim the space.


My studio is on the first floor and it used to be used as a bedroom by the previous owners, and so it was always hoped that this space would one day become a comfortable place where we could have guests come and stay.




I had thought about getting a sofa bed for this space, but in the end, gave up on that idea when I looked at the measurements and I realised how much floor space I would lose. Not only that but access to my storage space would be compromised. So I had to go back to the drawing board and think of another solution, which would give me maximum studio space, while easily transforming into a guest bedroom.


23658872_10155438569761622_6034597169133208799_nI also needed a picture shelf so that I could have more display space for my work while it waited to go to various galleries, and so the design had to incorporate this too.



We also still had the old massive bathroom mirror leaning up against my studio wall, and while I didn’t really want it, I thought perhaps I could add this to the guest room part of the design.



23659242_10155438569746622_8715002907309882517_nMy solution:

1 Bought picture shelves from Ikea.

2 Bought foam mattress.

3 Put up black picture shelves at exactly the right height to hold the mattress in place when it leans against the wall when the room is in ‘studio mode’.

4 Put up mirror so that it became a headboard when mattress was down in ‘guest room mode’.

5 Styled the space with my artwork/


23755273_10155438569806622_7552387372564934029_nSEE PHOTOS: The first 3 are of my room is ‘studio mode’ and the last 3 are of it in ‘guest room mode’.


I’m really pleased with the result, it works really well as both studio and guest room with minimal fuss.


Our first guest slept on the new mattress last weekend and we have guests coming to stay this weekend too, so I’m glad we got this room sorted into it’s multifunctional state. I wonder what our new guests will think of the mirror headboard?! :) 23795548_10155438569816622_4134351175500236933_n


And I’m really pleased with how my artwork looks on the new display shelf. It’s about time I had somewhere to display it!

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