Summer in Salcombe


It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get into my studio to work because it is currently stacked floor to ceiling with boxes! We are re-working the whole of the ground floor of our home in Lewes at the moment, and my studio is full of all the furniture and kitchen stuff that had nowhere else to go. 19224766_10155011725376622_4273505787211155585_nI’ve been landed with the role of project manager, co-ordinating all the different contractors doing various jobs, and although it’s creatively rewarding to be able to redesign our living space, it means there’s been no time to get on with my own creative work, and I’m missing it!

Anyway, I thought I’d take some time out from the busy building work to tell you about our latest adventures in Salcombe. We were able to get away for a long weekend before the main building work started in June to restock Gallery5 with my trees prints, and to see about exhibiting somewhere new. We were lucky enough to find a good Airbnb place to stay this time, in Salcombe town, so that most things were in walking distance. And we were also very lucky with the weather, which was scorching hot, so we had plenty of opportunity to relax on the beaches too! unnamedHurray!

Gallery5 were pleased to receive a couple of trees prints ‘The trees at Sharpitor’, and one of these sold within a week. So I think I’ll be having to return with more in future!

I’d also been messaging Bo’s Beach Cafe through Instagram, because they were interested in showing my work there. It’s a fabulous little beach cafe inside the old Lifeboat house at South Sands – the perfect spot to be showing my work of the Sea Tractor, and ferry, and of the lifeboat house itself too of course.19274977_1467987369925286_8157972615004882169_n



It was a fun day out going to meet Kimi there, as I had to carry my work on the South Sands ferry from the town (what a lovely way to commute!) because there’s nowhere to park at South Sands.

And while I was on the ferry I noticed the advertisement in the ferry window advertising the sale of my postcards, so I introduced myself to the crew (Bernie and Derek) who were delighted to meet me and gave us a free trip!19225145_1467993516591338_5979741438399581644_n

Kimi took the three pieces of work and mounted them above the bar, and we had a drink there before spending the rest of that glorious day laying on the beach before heading back on the ferry. She then messaged me a few days later to let me know that one piece had already sold, with a lovely picture of it’s new owner, which is always very lovely to receive as an artist. I love knowing that my work has been appreciated and has gone to a good home!safe_image¬†Thanks for the picture Kimi!

Salcombe will always be close to my heart, particularly since my father died because it brings back lovely memories of being there together as a family, playing on the beach and sailing. I’m so glad I have a good excuse to keep going back there and having the opportunity to build up new relationships with the local people. It was wonderful to meet Lizzie, the lady who owns the Airbnb house we stayed in, and who very generously let us stay another night for free! So we were able to have one more glorious day laying on the beach, this time at Sunny Cove. We had such a wonderful time that I sent her a small piece of work of the South Sands ferry as a ‘thank you’. I look forward very much to going back!

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